Undecided About Marble Countertops? 3 Signs Marble Is Right for You

In some of the most magnificent buildings in world, marble graces stairways and altars, mantels, and sculptures. Marble is beloved because it conveys a sense of luxury and permanence. It is elegant and sophisticated. For thousands of years, marble has been a favored building material in churches, museums, and homes. Today, it can be found in kitchens around the world.

This relatively soft stone is not for everyone. As a countertop material, marble needs more protection and care than some other stones. If you have an appreciation for beauty and do not mind performing a little maintenance, marble maybe the perfect countertop for you. In this article, we will talk about the three clear signs that you would be happy with marble countertops.

#1. You love marble’s timeless, natural beauty.

No stone is more lovely than marble. It comes in many colors and varieties, including soft blue, moody gray, regal gold and darkest black. In all its forms, marble transcends other natural and man-made materials. If you adore marble’s beauty and magnificence – if you believe marble will turn your kitchen from ordinary into extraordinary – then marble may be the perfect countertop material for you.

#2. You don’t mind occasional maintenance.

Marble can absorb spilled liquids, which leads to stains. This can be prevented through occasional maintenance. Marble must be sealed periodically to prevent it from absorbing spilled liquids like cooking oil and red wine.

You can easily seal your counters yourself, or hire a pro. Either way, your marble counters will require occasional re-sealing. The frequency depends on the sealer. You will be able to tell when your stone needs a new coat by performing a simple test.

Pour a tablespoon of water on a frequently used area of your countertops and wait 15 minutes. If your counters are properly sealed, the water will bead up and will not be absorbed. If the stone is not properly sealed, the water will seep into the stone. Wipe the water away. Is there a wet mark where the water was spilled? If so, a resealing is required. …oh, and do not worry about that water stain. It will disappear as the stone dries.

If you’re not interested in performing this kind of maintenance, consider a more durable stone like quartz.

#3. You treat your counters with love.

Marble is a soft stone – that’s why the great artists of the Renaissance used it for their sculptures. Marble can be scratched or gouged if it is not treated with care. It’s easy to protect your countertops by maintaining good food prep practices. Use cutting boards and trivets. Don’t place hot pans directly on your counters. Never use your marble counters as a cutting board. Avoid sliding heavy objects from one side of your counters to the other: pick them up.

If these practices sound like your normal habits, then you should have no trouble maintaining marble counters in your home. If you’re rough on your counters, but still want marble in your house, consider installing marble in a low-contact area of your kitchen, like the backsplash.