Laminam Countertops

If you’re seeking a tactile, elegant stone for your counters, floors and walls, Laminam is a product that we trust. Here’s what we want you to know about this all new, durable material.

What is Laminam?

Laminam is an engineered stone that’s indistinguishable from natural stone. It comes available in large slabs that allow for continuous coverage of your home’s surfaces. It’s made from all organic materials and contains no resins. We like it because it’s an eco-friendly product that’s naturally beautiful and safe for your home’s interior.

Why Laminam?

Seacoast Stone only stocks the best materials for your home’s counters, walls, floors and other surfaces. Here’s what you’ll love about this beautiful product.


Porous surfaces absorb bacteria, causing contamination and spreading illness. To avoid foodborne illnesses and spread of diseases, porous surfaces must be sealed and disinfected regularly. Laminam XL is a non-porous surface that will not absorb or grow bacteria. This makes it an excellent choice for the kitchen and bathroom, where sanitation is crucial for the health and safety of your family.


A simple cleaning with mild detergent is enough to keep your Laminam surfaces properly clean. We recommend cleaning Laminam after meals and at the end of the day, to keep it looking beautiful.

If your current countertops are made from natural stone like granite or marble, you probably need to seal your counters on a regular basis to maintain their beauty and functionality. By contrast, Laminam never needs to be sealed or oiled. Just clean it, and be done.

Heat Resistance

Heat resistance is a critical characteristic of countertops, which can be exposed to high heat through pots, pans, countertop appliances and electric kettles. Some modern countertop materials are easily damaged by exposure to high heat, which can cause counters to melt, warp or darken. Laminam XL does not contain any inorganic material (such as resins) and thus is not affected by high heat.

Stain Resistance

Pores are what cause many surfaces to stain. For example, porous stone like granite can absorb liquids like tomato sauce, oils, red wine and soy sauce, causing stains. Laminam XL surface is non-porous and thus highly resistant to all staining agents.

We always recommend cleaning spills as soon as they happen, but an unnoticed blob of tomato sauce on your Laminam should not cause a permanent blemish on your countertops. Laminam is also highly resistant to cleaning agents, so you can use a variety of antibacterial cleaners without concern.

UV Resistance

Sunlight can cause various surfaces – even natural stone – to fade over time. Laminam XL surface is not affected by UV rays, so the surface finish will never fade. This makes Laminam a perfect surface for an outdoor living area, like your outdoor kitchen or dining area. Laminam can be used as an exterior cladding surface, so it’s found on buildings, homes, porches, decks and more.

Variety of Natural Colors

Laminam is inspired by natural Italian stone. In fact, most Laminam resembles granite and marble. There are almost a hundred different colors and patterns of Laminam. It comes in green, blue, gray, taupe, white, cream and more.

We’ll help you find the right Laminam for your home project. Check out the Laminam website for a look at the colors and patterns available.

Variety of Textures

Shiny and smooth or gently textured – Laminam comes in a range of finishes. Nonslip, natural, polished, soft-touch and textured – all of these textures are available in Laminam products. The professionals at Seacoast will help you find the surface texture that appeals to you. Come to our showroom to see and touch samples for yourself.

Where To Install Laminam In Your Home?

When most people think of stone surfaces, they picture the floors and counters of their bathroom or kitchen. While you can use Laminam on these surfaces, this isn’t the only place where this product is found. Laminam is used for facades of all kinds including indoor furnishings like tabletops, flooring, wall cladding, cabinets, shelving and more. The sky is the limit!

Laminam’s durability, longevity and low-maintenance beauty makes it the perfect cladding for a variety of indoor and outdoor projects. Architects, general contractors and interior designers all recommend Laminam for projects that require total elegance and sophistication.