Kitchen Trends for 2022

The new year is a fantastic time to transform your kitchen with all new-materials, appliances, and design. As you start to think about how you can make your kitchen a more functional and beautiful space in 2022, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the trends and styles. Knowing what other homeowners are doing can help you decide what you should do to make your kitchen a more enjoyable place to spend time.

Architectural Statement Hoods

While hoods are a standard part of any kitchen, they’re often understated or even hidden. Only recently did “statement hoods” become a feature found regularly in homes. Statement hoods are often made from materials like copper or stainless steel, which makes them big, bold and beautiful.

A statement hood provides a resting place for the eyes while also lending an air of professionalism to your kitchen. Do what you can to incorporate your statement hood into your kitchen’s design. One easy way to do this is to coordinate your hood with the other colors and materials found in your kitchen.

Invisible Hinge Cabinets

Invisible hinges are common in modern decor because of their clean, understated appearance. This is the perfect hinge to use with flat-face cabinets, which are designed to be subtle and smooth. Invisible hinges prevent your cabinets from becoming visually busy, thus making it easier to focus on stone surfaces and beautiful paint colors in your kitchen.

Creative Storage Spaces

Out with the stock cabinets and in with the custom cabinetry and creative storage solutions! Your kitchen cabinets should make your kitchen a more functional place, where you can easily store all the pots and pans you need to make your meal masterpiece. If you currently don’t have enough space in your kitchen, or perhaps have a hard time finding enough storage to meet your needs, then you could benefit from a storage space overhaul.

Work with a contractor with experience helping homeowners choose storage spaces that make a difference.

  • Butler’s pantry. A butler’s pantry is a space separate from your kitchen, often with a hutch and a serving area where you can set food for serving at your next big meal. The butler’s pantry usually includes a cabinet with glass doors for holding the “good dishes.”
  • Hidden drawers. Nothing is cooler than opening up a large cabinet and finding hidden drawers where you can store everything from boxes of cereal to cans of food. Drawers are an excellent way to keep items organized and also make it easier to find things that otherwise get buried when stored on standard shelves.
  • Pull-out pet dishes. Pets are an important part of many households, but pet food dishes tend to be in the way and make a mess. Work with your contractor to install a pull-out pet dish tray near the floor that can be slid back into place when you’re done feeding your furry friend.
  • Kitchen spice drawer. Kitchen spices tend to be one of the most annoying items to store because they’re so small. It’s easy to find the spices at the front of the spice shelf, but the spices near the back have a way of getting lost or buried. A kitchen spice drawer fixes that problem by giving you the opportunity to pull out the drawer and see the spices in the front or back.
  • Lazy Susan cabinet. Lazy Susan cabinets make it easy to store large items in a big space. Use your Lazy Susan cabinet to hold your food containers, pots and pans.
  • Larder cupboard. Don’t have a whole pantry? Install a larder cupboard to hold your basic food supplies like pasta, cans of food and more.

Installation of quality cabinets/storage spaces make all the difference. The trick is to purchase semi-custom or custom cabinets that meet your needs and look beautiful. Work with a contractor that specializes in this type of cabinetry.

Light-Filled Spaces

Kitchens need a lot of light to make it easier to prepare foods. Make your kitchen bright and beautiful in 2022! There are lots of different ways to illuminate your kitchen, including natural illumination and also artificial lighting.

Work with a contractor to give yourself a variety of lighting options including pendant lighting, task lighting, recessed and overhead lighting, and of course large windows for a source of natural light throughout the day.

Color Experimentation

For many years, white kitchens were the favorite of homeowners everywhere. Today, white is starting to look stark and harsh to homeowners just starting their kitchen remodel. Pops of color in the kitchen are popular once again!

Some homeowners are looking toward soft pastels like pink, light green and seafoam to make their kitchen a more inviting and cheerful place. Other homeowners are using darker, more sophisticated colors like navy and hunter green.

There are lots of ways to incorporate these colors into your kitchen. Consider painting your cabinets, repainting your walls and choosing bar stools with colorful upholstery. You can also incorporate beautiful colors in your kitchen through fixtures made from colorful metals like copper and brushed brass.

Slab Backsplashes

Tile backsplashes were a standard feature in kitchens for decades, but a shift is underway right now. Slab backsplashes that are a continuation of countertop surfaces are becoming more common every day.

Without grout lines on your backsplash, slab backsplashes have a clean, minimalist appearance. Work with a quality stone fabricator to ensure that your slab backsplashes are perfectly integrated into your kitchen.

Natural Countertops

It just doesn’t get more beautiful than stone slab countertops. Granite was the most popular countertop material for a decade or more, but today homeowners are more open to a variety of stone types including marble, soapstone, granite or even engineered stone (also known as quartz).

In fact, quartz countertops are the most sought-after countertops to date because they can be made to resemble granite or marble – but without the upkeep. If you want natural countertops that look beautiful and need virtually no maintenance (aside from cleaning), talk to a quality stone fabricator about installing quartz countertops in your home.