Kitchen Redesign – Learn How to Match your Countertop(s) with the Cabinets and Flooring

So, you’re remodeling your kitchen. If you’re still in the early stages of your remodel, then you’re probably spending a lot of time looking at potential materials and colors, trying to find the perfect match. It’s hard to envision how the many parts of your remodel will come together when everything is said and done.

Knowing how to match countertops with flooring (and match countertops to cabinets) can help make your home improvement project easier and less stressful. Finding the perfect combination of floors, cabinets and counters will also help you feel satisfied with the finished remodel. Here’s what you need to know.

Combine Natural Materials

Natural materials match other natural materials. Even if they’re not the same color, they match each other thematically. If you’ve selected a stone countertop material, like granite or quartz, stick to other natural materials for your cabinets and floors. Explore wood and bamboo cabinet options, and soapstone or marble flooring. Work with your stone contractor to look at a variety of countertop and flooring options.

Match Color Warmth

Stone countertops are usually a neutral color or a combination of neutral colors. Generally speaking, neutrals can be divided into two groups: cool gray and warm brown. Cool gray colors look best when combined with cabinets that are painted shade of green or blue. Cool gray also combines well with colors like rich black and stark white. White is an especially popular kitchen color because of its clean, fresh appearance. As a result, gray and white counters are now a go-to countertop product for homeowners remodeling their kitchen.

Warm browns are best matched with other warm colors like deep reds, burnt orange and mustard yellow. Warm brown countertops are often installed in kitchens where the wooden cabinets have been stained but not painted, and the warmth of the wood is the predominant color in the kitchen.

View Samples

Never choose a countertop material from a photograph in a catalog. Catalog photographs, though helpful when narrowing your choices down to a few favorites, do not give you a good sense for what a countertop will really look like.

Ask your contractor to see samples. When choosing a natural stone (instead of a man-made product like quartz), ask to see multiple samples, because color variations are common in natural stone. Hold samples against your cabinets and floors to get a sense of how the materials will look together in the same space. View samples at different times of day and in different types of lighting.

Avoid Matchy-Matchy Combinations

Too much pattern-matching can be overwhelming. Avoid using the same type of stone for both the floors and counters. Instead, choose two different kinds of stone. Look for stone combinations that share some colors, but have different patterns. Choose at least one stone with a relatively solid pattern.

Work with the Experts

Should countertops match cabinets and floors? Work with expert installers can help you make this decision. Contact Seacoast Stone to view samples of materials that fit your budget. We can help you identify materials that will match your counters and floors, so call today to find out more.