Interior Design Styles and How They Might Apply To Your Kitchen

The kitchen is like the crown jewel of your house: it’s where guests congregate before a meal, and where family members re-connect at the end of a long day. A stylish kitchen adds value to your home and can even set the tone for decor in other rooms.

There are many styles that you can use when decorating and designing your kitchen. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen in the near future, choose a style that speaks to you. This article is part one of two outlining different kitchen styles and what you can do to make your kitchen reflect that style.

Art Deco

The Art Deco style is characterized by geometric patterns and shapes on interior surfaces like walls, moldings, tabletops and more. You’ll often see these patterns in shades of gold mixed with black and white, although any bold color can be incorporated into an Art Deco kitchen. Natural stone fits in perfectly in this kind of space. We recommend a soft, understated white marble countertop to add grace and elegance to your space.

Art Moderne

Art moderne style is similar to Art Deco but with a contemporary sheen. Compared to Art Deco, Art Moderne is slightly understated, with an emphasis on minimalism. With this style of kitchen, you’ll still see quite a few black and white elements, and a greater focus on natural materials, like wood and stone. For an Art Moderne kitchen, we recommend black granite countertops with gold veins.

Asian Zen

Asian Zen decor shifts the focus more completely to natural materials, making the kitchen a place of calm and relaxation. In this type of kitchen, you’ll see blond wood cabinets with natural lighting from multiple windows. Plants in the corners add an organic beauty to this kitchen, and stone countertops add the finishing touch.


They say less is more with the Bauhaus style. With this type of kitchen, you’ll see a range of geometric shapes, mostly squares and circles, and a focus on functionality. Bauhaus kitchens often have flat, undecorated surfaces and minimalist decor with fixtures made from materials like glass, steel and wood. Sparing glimpses of primary colors add some decoration to the space without removing the emphasis on functionality.


Bohemian decor is relaxed and artistic, combining warm, bright colors and eclectic patterns with natural materials. Bohemian themes can be a bit chaotic, with many visual elements to look at all at once. In these spaces, plants like mint or basil create a friendly, wholesome cooking environment. Paint your cabinets to add color and flair. For this kitchen, granite countertops around the perimeter combine beautifully with butcher block countertops on the island in the center.


Coastal kitchens are light and breezy, with colors like sea green or pale blue mixed with white and gray. Position tall metal stools, like you might find at a beach stand, at the countertop bar for guests. Rattan pendant light fixtures add an element of casual beauty to your kitchen. Tie all this together with light, bright marble countertops.


Contemporary is a modern style with undecorated surfaces and industrial notes. Black metal pendant light fixtures combine with open spaces in a sleek, sophisticated kitchen space. In this type of kitchen, you’ll see warm wood combined with cold metal and neutral-colored countertops. A soft, gray soapstone is the perfect material for this type of kitchen.

Country House

In a country house kitchen, you’ll see a beautiful kitchen sink with an apron, Shaker style cabinetry, painted wood table and durable, practical engineered stone countertops – you pick the color. This type of kitchen often features hardwood flooring and electric candle chandelier lighting to create a cozy, homey feel.


Eclectic kitchen styles feature a mixture of bold colors, visually varied pendant lighting,  and heavily veined stone countertops. You may also see a mixture of different metal types – chrome, copper and brushed brass, for example. For eclectic style kitchens, the more textures and patterns, the better. In these spaces, don’t be afraid to try unusual combinations of materials, and patterns mixed with solids.


Farmhouse style and country house style are similar. “Simplicity” is key in farmhouse style, including reclaimed wood floors and cabinets, wide open spaces for preparing large meals, and a focus on natural lighting. Farmhouse style is rustic, so a heavily oiled soapstone is a good countertop material for this type of kitchen.

French Country

A French country kitchen has a rustic quality with some small touches of flair. For example, try distressing your cabinets with layers of paint, and purchase a large hutch for displaying favorite dishes. Open shelving puts your favorite pitchers and cups on display, and black or gray granite countertops add an element of elegance to the space.

Hollywood Glam

Hollywood Glam style is similar to Art Deco with some modern accents mixed in. For example, use of glass and brass adds shine and sparkle to the kitchen. Consider a glass table and brushed brass faucets. Use black and white to bring drama to the space, and place a few large palm plants around the table. Install dramatic carrara marble countertops, illuminated by unique, flashy pendant lighting.