Countertop Fabrication from Start to Finish: How to Install Custom Countertops at Home

Natural stone countertops are a joy to behold. They gleam and shine. They provide the backdrop for your meals and meal preparation. They are also a major investment. Well-chosen stone can last centuries if properly installed and well maintained. Installation of natural stone is a process. Before you get started, here is what you need to know.

What Is Countertop Fabrication?

Countertop fabrication is the selection, cutting and installation of natural stone countertops. Fabrication from a turn-key supplier is a full-service experience, starting with the selection process and ending with professional installation.

Fabrication, Step-By-Step

1. Measure the countertops.

Draw a layout of your kitchen, and measure your counters including their width and depth. Note any built-in appliances and features like the sink, including their measurements and placement on your counters. These measurements do not have to be totally precise, as your fabricator will eventually come to your home to take more precise measurements for installation. The measurements you take now will serve as a useful reference when you are discussing costs, material types and individual slabs with consultants from the fabricator.

Interested in a matching stone backsplash? Measure the walls, including width and height, and note their placement on the counters. Talk to the fabricator about the backsplash when you visit the showroom.

2. Make your selection.

Bring your drawings to the fabricator to discuss your upcoming installation. Consultants will show you various types of stone, discuss your budget and help you explore materials to find the right stone. As you are discussing the various types of stone available, have a conversation with the consultant about maintenance and durability. Each stone type is different. Pick the type of stone based on all its characteristics, not just appearance. Once you have selected a stone type, the fabricator will submit a bid for purchase and installation.

3. Your fabricator will prepare the space.

Installers will come to your home to take more precise measurements. When they are done, they will use those measurements to create a wooden template. This template will help fabricators cut your new countertops without error. If you wish, you will be able to use this wooden template to plan the layout. Your fabricator will lay the wood over the slabs, and you can help position the template over the slab so that your favorite colors and details are included.

4. Stone cutting and installation.

The rest of this process is in the hands of your fabricator. They will cut the stone, then install it. Countertop installation takes about a day. Installers will attach the sink, install the faucet and plumbing, remove the old countertops, and manage the disposal. On the day of the installation, you will be able to speed the process along by removing your countertop appliances and other items on the countertops. When the work is done, your counters will be permanently transformed.