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Forget What You Know About Backsplashes: 8 Unique Backsplash Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

The backsplash is the part of the kitchen where your personality shines through. Think of your backsplash as an artist’s canvas, just waiting for you to decorate it in whatever way you want. The colors, shapes and textures you choose for your backsplash impacts your kitchen aesthetic, while the material you select affects how the backsplash is maintained.

Below, we’ve listed eight backsplash ideas for your next kitchen remodel. Have fun, and choose wisely!

1. Natural Stone Tile

The elegance and timeless beauty of natural stone tile makes it a popular and practical backplash choice. Natural stone comes in different shades and colors ranging from deep black to pure white, with endless variation in between.

Shop by appearance, but know that different types of stone have different maintenance needs. Granite is hard but porous, and should be sealed periodically to protect it from staining. It can be veined, speckled or a combination.

Marble is softer than granite, with dramatic veining that creates a sense of movement. This stone is beloved for its beauty and delicacy. Seal it periodically, just like granite. Avoid using anything abrasive on marble while cleaning, because it can scratch.

Soapstone comes in soft shades of gray, with white veining. It requires no sealing, but can develop a patina over time. Like marble, it scratches easily, so use gentle cleaners.

Not sure which one is right for you? See the options in person at a quality stone fabricator showroom to make your decision.

2. Wood

Wood isn’t an obvious material for a backsplash, but that makes it a more unexpected and interesting choice. Consider using reclaimed wood, with all its character and flaws, for extra visual interest. Treat the wood with a sealant or paint to keep it protected from moisture.

Wood is flammable and should be kept away from stove burners. If you’re installing your wood backsplash on your own, know the building code in your area and consider installing a less flammable material (like stone or ceramic tiles) closer to the stovetop.

3. Pebbled Polished Glass

Polished glass has charm and sparkling beauty that many homeowners fall in love with. Pebbled tiles, likewise, add texture and visual interest that makes your kitchen a fun and lighthearted space. This tile choice looks its best when different tile colors are combined on one surface.

Pebbled tiles are small, with lots of grout lines. Cleaning pebbled tiles can be time-consuming. Although the colors and surface variation can hide dirt, you should still be ready to perform a lot of maintenance with this backsplash type.

4. Stainless Steel Subway Tiles

Stainless steel is a favorite kitchen finish because it’s so durable and long-lasting, with a coloring that’s both neutral and subtle. Subway tiles are also very popular because of their long, unusual shape. Combine these two things, and you’ve got a very durable, attractive backsplash.

Although easy to clean, stainless steel does tend to show fingerprints and splatters easily, and the low-shine reflective surface calls attention to smudges. You may find yourself cleaning your backsplash frequently to keep up the appearance that you desire.

5. Wallpaper

Wallpaper comes in many colors, patterns, and textures. Although wallpaper is not as long-lasting as some materials, waterproof wallpaper can make a creative and unexpected backsplash. There are so many wallpaper patterns available that you can use this material to personalize your space and do something unexpected in your kitchen.

Wallpaper is also a good material to use if you’re installing your backsplash yourself. Some recommend protecting your wallpaper with varnish to give it extra durability and resistance to water. You’ll have to decide for yourself how protected and tough you want your wallpaper to be.

6. Stone Slab

You’ve installed stone slabs for your counters, so why not install a backsplash made from the same material? Stone slab backsplashes are the latest trend in kitchen remodeling.

Installing a slab backsplash that matches the countertops in texture and color helps unify the kitchen space. Slab backsplashes are practical too. Unlike tiles, which often have grout lines that can be difficult to clean, the unbroken surface of a slab can be cleaned easily when food and grease splatter.

Whenever possible, matching up the veins and coloring between the walls and counters is the key to making this style work. Your stone fabricator can help you select slabs for both surfaces, and will cut them appropriately to ensure the most attractive aesthetic for your home.

7. Wave Backsplash

Undulating wavy tiles look like moving water. Some wave tiles stick out from the wall slightly, others are flat. Three-dimensional tiles may be more difficult to clean, which will mean some extra maintenance for you. Many homeowners who choose wave backsplash tiles do so because they’re charmed by the appearance and are alright with a little extra work.

8. Scalloped Backsplash

Traditional tiles come in a square or rectangular shape. Break out of that mold with a scalloped backsplash that adds a touch of whimsy to your kitchen walls. Scalloped tiles are rounded, almost like flower petals or fish scales.

Scalloped tiles can be placed with the rounded side down, up, or even to one side, to give unexpected variation to your kitchen walls. To add depth to the wall, select tiles that are varying colors. This gives your scalloped tiles a three-dimensional or shimmery quality that draws attention to the beauty of the design.


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