Bathroom Remodel Do’s and Don’ts

According to this 2022 Cost Vs. Value Report , the average cost for a bathroom remodel in New Hampshire is around $25,000, so you can imagine how important it is to get your bathroom remodel project right the first time.

This list of do’s and don’ts includes tips that can help you find success in your bathroom remodel. Seacoast Stone has been helping New Hampshire homeowners with their bathroom renovations for years. We’re happy to offer helpful suggestions that can make your project easier and more rewarding. Here’s what you need to know.

Do: Make a Budget

How much can you afford to spend on your bathroom remodel? Are you getting a loan? How much will it cost to accomplish your remodeling goals?

If you can’t answer these questions, then you may not be ready to remodel. Making a budget can help you avoid overspending. Not sure how to make a budget? Some suggestions:

  1. Make a list of priorities. Knowing what you hope to accomplish will make it easier to have discussions with contractors. Knowing your goals will also help contractors suggest a price for your bathroom remodel.
  2. Get quotes. We recommend getting at least quotes from three reputable contractors in your area. These quotes will make it easier to determine how much you can expect to spend and how much you’ll need to borrow.
  3. Explore loan options. If you need to get a loan for your upcoming remodel, shop around for different loan options. Find out how much money you’re approved to borrow, what the payment terms will be and how much you’ll have to pay back monthly. Work these numbers into your monthly budget to ensure that you’re able to afford a loan, and then, pick a maximum amount you’re willing to spend.

Don’t: Get Too Trendy

Trends come and go, but your bathroom will be here for a long time. Following trends too closely can date your bathroom and may lead you to spend a lot of extra money changing your bathroom in coming years. This is especially true if you’re planning to sell your house soon, because buyers can be reluctant to purchase a home they think will soon need to be “fixed.”

Focus on buying timeless, durable, attractive materials, and colors that you’ll want to live with for years to come. Neutral colors, for example, create a calming, almost spa-like atmosphere. Natural stone and engineered stone can also add to the beauty of your bathroom without dating it.

Avoid unusual fixtures and bright colors that just recently started appearing in bathrooms. Tried and true materials and colors have staying power, which makes it easier to enjoy your bathroom for a long time to come.

Do: Choose One Area to “Splurge”

Maybe you want a fancy, luxurious shower with granite stone surround. Or, perhaps you’ve always wanted a jetted soaking tub with lumbar support. Pick one area of your bathroom that you would LOVE to splurge on, and then let yourself do it.

This might include a large, custom-made vanity with custom-cut stone countertops, or perhaps a luxury toilet with self-cleaning deodorizing features. If you can fit something like this into your budget, you’ll love spending time in your new bathroom.

Don’t: Forget Storage

Storage is an important part of all bathrooms because of the natural clutter that comes from shampoo bottles, soaps, makeup and medicines. Good storage is vital in a bathroom. Work with your contractor to ensure that the storage you choose for your bathroom meets your needs.

Consider the items you routinely keep in your bathroom, from the towels to the toiletries, and then discuss the options available to you. Your contractor will point you in the direction of storage options that will meet your needs.

Do: Give Yourself Time to Shop Around

Seeing materials and fixtures in person makes it easier to choose the ones you’ll love best. Shopping around will also help you find the best deals for your bathroom remodel. Your contractor will likely point you in the direction of trusted material suppliers, to give you peace of mind when choosing items for your remodel.

Don’t: Fail to Consider Maintenance

Not all materials are practical for bathrooms. Hardwood floors, for example, can easily deteriorate if they’re not properly sealed periodically. By contrast, luxury vinyl tile bathroom flooring looks like real hardwood but is waterproof, so it’s safe for your bathroom.

Another example: most types of natural stone need to be sealed against water intrusion periodically, but engineered stone never needs to be sealed. Failing to consider maintenance needs can leave you with extra chores that you’re not prepared to perform.

Know what kind of maintenance each type of material requires, and then choose the material based on what you can manage in your regular cleaning and home maintenance routines.

Do: Buy Quality Materials and Pay for Experienced, Skilled Labor

Some materials practically last forever. Engineered and natural stone, for example, can easily last for decades. Buying the right materials can help ensure that your bathroom will look its best for years – and even decades – to come. These materials cost more up front, but you’ll save money in the long run because you won’t have to replace them for a long time.

The same concept can be applied to hiring skilled labor. A contractor that keeps their prices dramatically lower than the competition may be cutting corners in ways that can lead to maintenance problems and repairs. Be wary of contractors that dramatically undercut the competition. Ask yourself why that contractor costs less. Compare their itemized bid to the itemized bids of other contractors, and always check references.

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