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Inspirational Fall Decor Ideas for Your Kitchen Countertops

There is a chill in the air. Leaves are turning. Inside and outside, autumn is coming. In your home, root vegetable dishes are baking in the oven, scent of pumpkin wafts from the kitchen. It is time to start decorating for fall. Your kitchen countertops are good surfaces for seasonal decorations. Here is what we […]

Common Questions to Ask When Choosing Countertops

Installing new countertops can transform your kitchen and change the way you prepare food. Modern countertops made of stone and engineered stone are ultra durable, long-lasting and high value. They come in an assortment of colors and are made from a variety of materials. There are so many types of countertop materials, it can be […]

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Remodel My Kitchen?

If you’re like most homeowners, your kitchen is one of the most heavily trafficked rooms of your house. In fact, you likely use the room several times per day for cooking, cleaning and doing dishes. Your kids sit at the counters doing homework, your guests hang out in the kitchen as they watch you put the […]

Custom Countertops – From Selection, to Measuring to Installation – Everything You Need to Know

Custom countertops add beauty and elegance to your kitchen. Installation is a multi-step process, starting with the selection of the material and ending with the installation process itself. Knowing what to expect can help you step-by-step as you choose the right stone, get quotes, and select your contractor. Explore Your Options Start the process of […]

Countertop Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2020

For years, kitchen countertop trends remained largely unchanged, with granite as the king of the kitchen. In recent months, trends have shifted. New materials and new applications for those materials have surfaced in interior design catalogs and on home decor websites. If you’re a homeowner redesigning your kitchen in 2020, knowing the latest trends can […]