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Where Did My Countertop Come From?

Where Did My Countertop Come From? All About Natural Stone Countertops – And Quartz Too We’ve written articles that discuss the process of selecting and installing countertops, but the story of countertop creation starts in a quarry. Stone mining has been around for thousands of years. While hand tools were once used to collect stone, machines guided […]

Wondering What to Expect During Your Countertop Installation?

Installing new countertops in your kitchen is a project that happens in stages. First, select a stone that you love. There are many types of stone and each type is maintained slightly differently. Once you’ve picked the perfect stone for your countertop, the next step is installation. Countertop installation is a complicated process that takes […]

How to Clean Each Type of Countertop Material

Stone is easy to care for, especially when you have the right tools and know the right steps for your particular type of stone. It’s a common misconception that all types of stone are maintained in the same way. In reality, each type is different because the porousness and hardness varies from one type to […]

14 Outdoor Kitchen Features You’re Going to Love

Picture your perfect outdoor kitchen. What do you see? A large table? Friends and family gathered around? A grill smoking in the background? The outdoor kitchen is a dream of many homeowners. The more features, the better. While most outdoor kitchens have a food prep and dining area, there are many extra fixtures and appliances […]

Pick the Perfect Natural Stone for Your Kitchen

Natural stone comes in so many types and colors that choosing the right natural stone for your kitchen can be a challenge. If you’ve never gone through this process before, you may not even be aware of the many variables to consider as you make your selection. Often, stone slabs have unpredictable variations in color and patterns, which […]

Your Outdoor Kitchen Countertop – A Guide

Outdoor kitchens are more popular than ever, but designing an outdoor kitchen is not without its challenges. UV rays, freezing cold temperatures, extreme heat, strong winds and driving rains can take a toll on outdoor kitchen structures. Outdoor countertops must be capable of withstanding these harsh conditions without cracking, warping, fading or becoming otherwise damaged. Not all materials […]

Granite Vs. Marble: What to Know Before You Choose

Natural stone countertops are the most beautiful and functional part of any kitchen. Some feature dramatic swirls, others have charming speckles or long meandering veins. Natural stone comes in multiple types, each with its own qualities and characteristics. Two of the most common stone types are granite and marble. While these two stone types may seem similar, the differences are numerous. […]

Designing for Entertaining at Home – 10 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

It’s fun to host fantastic parties, especially when you’ve got the right kitchen for the job. From new stone countertops to a built-in espresso maker, there are many features you can add to make your kitchen the perfect space for entertaining. Creating that space starts with choosing the right materials. Long-lasting, high-performing materials that easily withstand a lot […]

Quartz Brands For Countertops – A Breakdown

Nothing tops the beauty of natural stone – except, perhaps, quartz. Featuring the look and feel of marble, granite, and other stones found in nature, quartz is a product that improves upon nature’s design. Also known as engineered stone, quartz is made from a mixture of durable resin and natural crushed stone to create a […]

Additional Kitchen Interior Design Options To Consider

For many homeowners, designing and decorating a kitchen is an opportunity for self-expression. It’s important to choose a kitchen style you love. Recently, we posted Part I of an article outlining the various kitchen styles. There are so many ways that you can design a kitchen that we were only able to get through half of them […]