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Hello, Elegance

This Portsmouth, NH customer just scored a kitchen remodel for the ages. This gorgeous “all white” kitchen was outfitted with new flooring, new custom cabinets, all new stainless steel appliances (including that double oven, I want that), built-in stove top with custom backsplash and all new lighting. The new layout includes an L-shaped countertop with […]

Closet Envy

We recently had a Middleton, MA homeowner request assistance in turning a spare bedroom into a walk-in closet—which we thought was a fabulous idea. After new wood floors were laid throughout, the custom cabinetry and closet organizers were installed including an oversized, double-sided middle island with drawers for days. The island is Qstone quartz in […]

A New Beginning

Later winter last year, our neighbors in Hampton, NH suffered a devastating fire that ravaged three quarters of their home. It took many months of demolition and reconstruction to rebuild the main structure which included the kitchen, first floor living areas, master bedrooms and bathrooms. Because the interior design could be started from scratch, the […]

Fits Like A Glove

Fitting like a glove. That’s what we do. When a NH customer requested a quartz countertop wetbar be installed in this small space, and wanted it to be done before the holidays, we knew there was no room for error. Our staff expertly templated the countertop, backsplash and sink cutout for fabrication and installation just […]

Removing Hard Water Stains on Marble and Granite

Do you have annoying hard water stains on your beautiful marble and granite surfaces that are marring its magnificence? Luckily, these types of imperfections can be easily remedied. What’s a hard water stain? First of all, let’s identify what a hard water stain is, and what it’s not. It’s important to know the difference so […]

How to Remove Stains from Marble Countertops

Uh oh. Do you have a stain on your gorgeous marble countertop? Don’t fear. See below for these clean-up recommendations. Colored Stains Stain Removal Method #1: Hydrogen Peroxide Most stains on marble countertops can be easily removed with this method: Place a paper towel atop the stain. Pour hydrogen peroxide onto the paper towel until […]

Preventing Stains and Etching on your Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are absolutely gorgeous and anyone who has spent the money on marble countertops wants to keep them looking gorgeous. Forever. Impossible? No! You simply need to be aware of 1) what kinds of stains can occur, 2) how to prevent them, and 3) how to fix them if you have them. Marble Stains […]