Kitchen Renovation

7 Stunning Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Consider

A kitchen remodel is one of the most exciting type of home improvements. New countertops, new appliances, beautiful tile installations and freshly painted cabinets: these are the changes that many people make when they upgrade their kitchen. While these changes can be beautiful to behold, kitchen remodels are even better when you can add an element of surprise to your space.

In this article, we’ll talk about unique changes that can transform your kitchen into a remarkable space. Give thought to these ideas as you plan your home improvement. It takes creativity to make your kitchen stand apart from the others, and these ideas can help make that happen.

1. Mix and Match Countertops

Quartz countertops are a man-made product, created from resin and crushed stone. Because it’s made by people quartz comes in more colors and patterns than any other natural stone. This makes mixing and matching countertop materials easy, as you can now choose from tens or hundreds of different options to find the exact combination that will look right in your kitchen.

Maybe a solid gray countertop lining the perimeter of your kitchen will pair nicely with a patterned white and gray countertop on your kitchen island. Or, perhaps a white countertop around the perimeter of your kitchen will look just right with a butcher block countertop on your kitchen island. Stay open to the possibilities. See the countertop options in a stone fabricator showroom to decide which one is best for you.

2. Install a Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry is an area found between the dining room and kitchen where you can store dishes and other kitchen items. The butler’s pantry usually consists of a built-in cabinet with countertop for serving. The butler’s pantry is an excellent option for homeowners who enjoy entertaining large groups.

Consider matching the countertop on the butler’s pantry to the other countertops in your kitchen, or use this opportunity to express yourself by choosing a separate countertop pattern and color for this area.

3. Bring In Natural Light

Natural light adds to a beautiful ambiance and can make your kitchen brighter and more cheerful. There’s more than one way to bring natural light into your kitchen. One possibility to consider is to install one or two skylights in the area over the kitchen island or the sink, so you can enjoy a natural filtering effect as the light enters from the sky over your home.

If you’re concerned with improving the view in your kitchen, consider installing a wall of windows in front of the sink. Doing this allows you to see far outside your own kitchen, while also bringing some of the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home.

4. Customize Your Cabinets and Drawers

Customizing your kitchen cabinets and drawers to meet your needs can make your kitchen more functional and a more enjoyable place to spend time. There are many things you can do to customize your home’s cabinets.

For example, consider installing a pull-out stool beneath your kitchen sink that you can use to stand on while doing dishes. You can also design a pull-out drawer for storing your pet’s food and water dishes. When you’re trying to decide which type of cabinets and drawers to install, ask yourself what problems you encounter as you use your kitchen and what could be done to fix those problems.

Maybe you need a giant Lazy Susan to hold your large collection of food storage dishes, or perhaps you need a pull-out pantry to access those difficult to reach cans in the back of your cabinets. Talk to your contractor, who can make suggestions to help.

5. Textured Backsplash Tiles

Textured backsplash tiles add an extra sensory element to your home’s kitchen design, making your walls more interesting to look at and more of a focal point for anyone who is in the room. Textured backslash tiles can be made of ceramic, metal or other materials.

Shop around. While you’re looking at backsplash tiles, don’t forget to consider maintenance. Too much texture can make your tiles difficult to clean and therefore difficult to maintain.

6. Waterfall Kitchen Island

A waterfall kitchen island is a kitchen island with a stone countertop slab that extends over the sides of the island as well as the top. Fabricators use special equipment to make these islands appear seamless. Not only is this a visually stunning addition to your kitchen, but it’s also easier to clean without a seam.

If it’s important for you to install a waterfall kitchen island, talk to your fabricator to find out which stone options are available. While waterfall kitchen islands can add to your kitchen remodel budget (it’s a lot more stone), the island can also become your kitchen’s focal point, which makes it worth the cost.

7. Kitchen Backsplash Matches Countertop

Want more continuity in your kitchen? Consider a kitchen backsplash that matches your stone countertops. Slab backslashes are easier to clean than tile backsplashes, and you’ll also get the benefit of seeing attractive stone on your kitchen walls. Finding the right stone for this type of backslash is important. You’ll need to choose a stone that looks right with your kitchen cabinets, floors and walls, so shop around and consider a range of stone types before settling on the right material for your home.

Find the Right Stone Fabricator for Your Home

The best way to make your kitchen remodel a success is to partner with reputable professionals throughout remodeling process. Choosing the right stone fabricator, for example, can help ensure that your countertop will be high quality and beautiful.