6 Fantastic Reasons to Treat Yourself to Granite Countertops this Holiday Season

Granite has been a top choice in kitchen countertops for decades, and for good reason. Each slab of granite is unique and precious. Granite is formed when molten lava cools under pressure over millions of years. The variety colors you see in a single slab of granite come from minerals in the earth.

In other words, granite is special. It’s a product of natural earthly cycles and geologic processes. It’s an actual wonder of nature – awe-inspiring, exotic and timeless.

Are you planning a kitchen remodel soon? Hoping to replace your countertops this holiday season? Below, we’ve listed six outstanding reasons to choose granite for your kitchen counters.

1. Low Maintenance

Granite is one of the most durable natural materials found in homes, and thus needs very little maintenance.


On a day-to-day basis, granite needs only to be cleaned with warm, soapy water. You don’t need special soap for cleaning granite, although you can purchase special stone countertop cleaner, if it suits you. Clean spills immediately. You should also clean your granite counters after cooking or working with raw meat. Finally, wipe down your counters at the end of every evening to sweep away crumbs.


In addition to cleaning, granite needs to be sealed on a periodic basis. Though it’s very durable, granite is also porous, and will absorb liquids, causing stains. Sealing your granite will close those pores so that liquids sit on top of the granite, without any absorption.

For more information about how to seal granite, see our article. Granite needs to be sealed once or twice per year, depending on how well your sealer holds up and how often you use your counters. You’ll be able to tell if your counters need to be resealed because the stone will start to absorb liquids. If you notice a wet spot on your counters after wiping away spilled water, that’s a sign it’s time to seal again.

2. Natural Beauty

Granite is beautiful. Some granite is speckled while other slabs have layers and swirls. No matter what the pattern, it’s all beautiful. You’ll find there’s a slab of granite for every kitchen, every style, every personal taste. If you love natural beauty, you’ll probably love granite. This long-lasting stone mixes well with materials like butcher block counters and hardwood floors.

3. Selection of Colors

Granite comes in many colors, depending on the stone’s mineral makeup. You can find granite in gray, white, black, blue, red, orange, brown and even green.

Take care to choose a color that you can enjoy for many years to come, even through future remodels. Granite is very durable and can last a long time, so you don’t want to buy granite that you’ll want to replace when you next update your kitchen. Neutral colors will be the easiest to incorporate into future decor.

4. Durability and Longevity

If properly maintained, your granite countertops can last for decades. It’s very difficult to scratch, highly heat-resistant and as long as it’s kept properly sealed, it’s also stain-resistant. Whether your granite counters are one month old or one decade old, they should look as beautiful as the day they were installed.

5. Value

It’s well-known that granite countertops have a high value – especially if you’re selling your home. Quality granite countertops can make your home more appealing to home buyers, especially when combined with other features like hardwood floors, new appliances and freshly painted walls. Expect healthy returns on your investment.

Want to maximize the value of your counters? Some tips:

  • Invest in neutral colors. As already mentioned, granite comes in a range of colors. However, bright colors like blue and green appeal to fewer people and are harder to match to cabinets, back splashes and wall paint. When shopping for granite, focus on counters in colors like gray, white, cream and brown.
  • Pick out the slab in person. No two slabs of granite are alike. When you pick out the slab in-person, you can avoid slabs that have variations you don’t like or that won’t look good in your kitchen. Choose the slab that has the unique characteristics you love.
  • Buy the slab from a quality fabricator. Get a good return on your investment by purchasing your counters from a quality dealer that only sells the best products.
  • Maintain your counters if you’re not selling right away. Keep your counters lovely by sealing them regularly, wiping way spills when they occur and by taking common-sense measures to protect your counters from scratches and other forms of damage.

6. Timelessness

The best thing about granite is its timelessness. Homeowners have been coveting granite countertops for decades. The beauty of granite is a taste that homeowners don’t get tired of.

An investment in granite today is an investment in the future. Buy granite now, and you can continue to use your counters for decades to come. Generations of homeowners who come after you may also continue to use your counters, to prepare Thanksgiving and holiday meals, to cook food for family and friends, to make midnight snacks.