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13 Outdoor Kitchen Features You’re Going to Love

Imagine Your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

What comes to mind? A spacious table? Friends and family gathered around? A grill smoking in the background? For many homeowners, the dream of an outdoor kitchen is becoming a reality. The more features, the better.

While most outdoor kitchens have a food prep and dining area, there are many additional fixtures and appliances you can include. If you’re aiming to transform your backyard into the ultimate space for cooking and entertaining, consider the following suggestions:

  1. Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Wood-fired pizza ovens are both visually appealing and functional, especially if you opt for a built-in stone oven. You can either build one yourself or hire a contractor. DIY projects can save money, but a contractor might deliver a more efficient design for better pizzas. For budget-conscious homeowners, many portable, low-cost options are available.
  2. Living Wall A living wall is one of the most striking decorations for an outdoor kitchen. These vertical surfaces covered with living plants provide shade and make great conversation pieces. Research different types and purchase from a nursery, home improvement store, or online to find the perfect fit for your space.
  3. Portable Outdoor Kitchen Island For added cooking space, consider a portable kitchen island. These can be moved aside when not needed or when closing the outdoor kitchen for winter. They are especially useful during large gatherings when you need extra space for seating.
  4. Covered Seating Area with Ceiling Fan Eating outside can be uncomfortable when the sun is at its peak. Install a cover for shade and add a ceiling fan for better airflow to enhance comfort.
  5. Blackboard Wall Menu Display your menu or the drink of the day with a charming blackboard wall menu near your kitchen setup. It adds a personal touch and keeps guests informed.
  6. Nearby Herb Garden An herb garden not only looks attractive but also impresses guests when you use fresh herbs in your cooking. Plant your favorite herbs in pots, in the ground, or even on a living wall.
  7. Matching Backsplash and Countertop Just like your indoor kitchen, your outdoor kitchen can have a matching backsplash and countertop. Granite and soapstone are ideal for outdoor use due to their durability and resistance to fading. Avoid synthetic materials like quartz, which can fade in outdoor settings. Remember, granite requires periodic sealing to protect it from the elements.
  8. Specialty Appliances Consider adding specialty appliances like a warming drawer, drink cooler, or ice maker. These non-essential features add fun and convenience to your outdoor kitchen, especially when entertaining.
  9. Fire Pit A fire pit extends your outdoor enjoyment into the evening. While traditional fire pits are holes in the ground, modern versions can be above-ground bowls or stands. For ease and aesthetic appeal, consider a professionally installed gas fire pit.
  10. Outdoor Bar An outdoor bar with seating is perfect for entertaining. Work with a contractor to install a sink and draft beer dispenser. This keeps liquor bottles organized and provides more seating for guests during parties.
  11. Blender No bar is complete without a blender. Invest in a quality countertop blender that can be stored in cabinets when not in use. It’s perfect for making margaritas, daiquiris, or smoothies.
  12. Range An outdoor range is a practical addition, allowing you to cook side dishes alongside entrées on the grill or in the pizza oven. It also lets you cook outside during summer, avoiding extra heat in your indoor kitchen.
  13. Electrical Outlets Extra electrical outlets are invaluable. Install them during construction, and you’ll appreciate the convenience for plugging in lights, appliances, or that new blender.

By incorporating these features, you can create a functional, stylish, and enjoyable outdoor kitchen that will be the heart of your backyard gatherings.